Friday, September 21, 2007

The session is all but here

And it's not all tax reform and transportation. And I know this because I read Fitzlew, which linked me to Vicky Eckenrode's stuff.

Changing the QBE formula.

Cable companies want what AT&T got.

Dealing with the prison crush.
Now, just a bit of analysis on that last one. Georgia sheriffs, for years, have wanted the state to kick in more money to defray the costs of holding state inmates in county jails. I'm not sure this extra funding really does that, but it is on the governor's desk.

There are other measures being discussed that would help defray the costs counties incur because of mentally ill people who commit crimes, and there's always the near-constant push to increase the actual per-inmate reimbursement from the state.

In the mean time the governor wants Georgia sheriffs, among others, to support his super speeders legislation.

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