Thursday, September 27, 2007

A perfectly reasonable post

Yesterday, saying he was thinking out loud, state Sen. Eric Johnson (R, Savannah, president pro tempore of the Senate) said it might not be so bad if Grady Memorial Hospital closed.

Today a bunch of folks called a press conference and jumped on Johnson's head.

In response, he issued the following statement:
“It is perfectly reasonable and responsible to ask the question whether health care delivery might improve if Grady ceased to exist. The marketplace can be a remarkable thing and there is a large amount of money at stake. Both the patients and the taxpayers may benefit from a hospital designed from the ground up without the baggage and bureaucracy associated with the existing Grady.”

It's not my job to say whether what Sen. Johnson said made sense. But when you're putting out statements to tell people that what you said yesterday was reasonable, well that might be indicative of a problem right there.

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