Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Gov. in Bibb County

Gov. Sonny Perdue was here today for the opening of the new Atlantic Southern Bank headquarters.

I'd never heard anyone pray for a bank before, and today's ribbon cutting featured two. But, then, I don't attend a lot of bank openings.

Anyway, I talked to the governor briefly about the speaker's tax reform plan. He didn't say much, except that we've got to be careful with such a major issue, and that he will be "extremely involved" in discussions. A short story is up on the main site, with more coverage to follow in tomorrow's paper.

I got some interesting stuff from Houston County Commissioner Tom McMichael about his coming meeting with the Lt. Gov. on the subject, for instance.

There were an awful lot of local politicians and big-wigs on hand for the bank opening. For example, here the governor, recently elected judge Tripp Self and Middle Georgia Ambulance Service owner Ben Hinson compare ties. I gave the win to Self, because he's wearing a red and black Georgia tie.

Said Hinson: "He beats me on ties every time."


VictoratGaImproper said...
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Amy Morton said...

I own just a little bit of stock in that bank, and have to tell you that the prayer did not have an immediately positive impact on the stock value:

Atlantic Southern Financial Group, Inc.
for Thursday, September 06, 2007

Closing Price ($):

Change ($):

Change (%):

One Day Volume:

Day's High:

Day's Low:

Previous Close:


blondiegurl77 said...

Who cares what is prayed for? Maybe what this country, state and these cities need is more prayer. Just becasue he prayed for a bank, didn't mean he prayed for you to gain more money. I think I might follow in his foot steps and pray for something off the wall, like people like you. His prayers show compassion for others around him and also that he is not selfish like the rest of the world who pray only for themselves. Maybe now we can write about more pressing issues other than who is praying for what.