Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Craig touched my foot and I want justice!

I've kind of been ignoring this story about Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who was arrested in an airport bathroom and accused of soliciting an undercover police officer for sex.

I definitely see it being news: Republican senator, who voted for the defense of marriage act, or whatever euphemism the "no gays settlin' down" legislation was given, accused of being gay.

But I heard last night what Larry Craig was actually accused of. This man was detained for allegedly tapping an undercover police officer's foot in a men's bathroom, and rubbing the bottom of the bathroom stall with his hand.

Wait, wait - that's not the worst part. If was his LEFT hand! And his palm was turned up! Up I say!

This is a transcript of Craig's interview with the cop, from

When did that become illegal? And when did America turn into a country where you could be arrested for hand signals?

And while I'm at it, everyone leave Ms. South Carolina alone. She said something stupid on T.V. Not exactly rare company. The title of Miss Teen USA doesn't require planet-shifting decisions.

And it's better to be stupid than mean.

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