Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mental health problems in a nutshell

Alan Judd and Andy Miller continue to do Pulitzer-worthy work at The AJC on the now all-too-obvious lapses in Georgia's public mental health network.

This is today's story, but I think you can read just these two paragraphs and see the problem in clear relief:
But what Walker described as a "crumbling infrastructure" has hit the hospitals hard. According to recent reports by MCG, the turnover rate among hospital technicians at one facility exceeded 100 percent this spring. At another hospital, two-thirds of nursing jobs were unfilled, and a lone doctor was assigned to care for 60 patients — four times the recommended caseload.

Several key administrative positions also are vacant. Only two hospitals have permanent medical directors, and the physician overseeing care at all seven hospitals is simultaneously performing two other jobs.

If that doesn't sink in immediately, read it until it does. Then imagine you're in one of those hospitals.

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