Friday, August 24, 2007

Look, I'll mess with Texas any time I want.

UPDATE: They won. Pointing out that the Texas manager sounded like a jerk after the game would only be poor sportsmanship on my part. The Georgia state flag will fly over the Texas capitol, which is sure to be an improvement.

I've been to Texas. Thought it was full of a bunch of self-important jerks. And desert. Lots of desert.

I'm sure they liked me too. I think I got real drunk and kept saying "Alaska is a whole hell of a lot bigger than this."

Anyway, here's hoping the Warner Robins Little League team wins tomorrow. And a press release from the governor's office:
ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia and Governor Rick Perry of Texas today announced a friendly wager on the outcome of tomorrow’s Little League World Series U.S. Championship game. The home state of the winning team will have its flag displayed at the State Capitol for a day in the losing team’s capital city.

And the "Governor" of "Texas'" comment from the release:
“When Texans go for something, they make it their business to go big or go home,” said Gov. Rick Perry. “The great State of Texas is rooting for our Lubbock Western Little League boys as they battle Georgia for a spot in the World Series championship game. And we look forward to seeing the Lone Star flag shine bright at the Georgia Capitol.”

"Go big or go home?" You can almost see this guy smack his knee with a cowboy hat, fire his pistol into the air and yell yee-haw.

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