Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Isakson on 2010

I might be the only blogger left in Georgia who hasn't written about a potential Johnny Isakson run for governor in 2010. But no more.

Sen. Isakson was in Perry today for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce's annual Congressional Luncheon. He introduced Sen. Saxby Chambliss, the keynote speaker, and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle introduced Isakson.

Of course Isakson and Cagle, former colleagues in the Georgia State Senate, had nothing but nice things to say about each other. And of course they're both considered strong possibilities to seek the Republican nomination for the governor's office in 2010.

In fact, one state representative came up to Isakson as I was interviewing him to ask him to run, saying "we really need you," but I digress.

Anyway, Isakson told The Marietta Daily Journal a while back that he'll be on the ballot in 2010, but he won't decide just where until after the 2008 elections are done. And he stuck to that today with me. So, you're welcome, I've nothing new to report.

"The big election's in 2008," Isakson said today. "In politics three months is an eternity."

As for Cagle, Isakson said "he's a great guy and would be a terrific one," one substituting here for governor.

Cagle told a pretty funny story about being in the State Senate with Isakson, by the way. Back when Cagle was "wet behind the ears" in the Senate and redistricting was in full swing, he got on an elevator with Isakson, who was far more seasoned.

He asked Isakson what he knew about the new district maps, and Isakson replied with good news and bad.

"The good news is you still have a state senate district," he told Cagle. "The bad news is you don't know nobody in it."

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