Friday, August 17, 2007

Dude, Saxby Chambliss sent me a DVD

I considered, and passed on, several jokes about this.

It's 8 minutes of Sen. Chambliss talking about immigration, with the American flag waving in the background and "America the Beautiful" playing softly. You can also view the video on Sen. Chambliss' Web site.

Amazing how things have changed in such a short time. I remember 5 years ago when Sen. Chambliss' office faxed The Telegraph so often that we called him "Faxby," which I still think is funny. Now he's sending me DVDs in the mail. The revolution continues.

No other posts today because I've been in Twiggs County, dealing with school officials on a story that will be in Saturday's paper.

Twiggs County is one messed up place. Perhaps the most disturbing detail: The superintendent out there says the scheduling process at Twiggs County High School was so messed up in recent years that kids took the same class twice.

I don't mean they failed it and took it again, I mean they just took it twice. I asked how in the world the students didn't notice this and say something. He really didn't have an answer.

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