Thursday, July 19, 2007

You are actually a Libertarian

You know those Cosmo quizzes that break down you or your significant other's overly complicated love life in a series of 10 questions and tell you to break up? It's like the political version of that.

The World's Smallest Political Quiz.

I took it once and came out as a centrist. And not just a centrist, a right-in-the-middle, like-a-freaking-bullseye centrist. Up with a lack of positions!


JasonJ1052 said...

Keep in mind the quiz was created by libertarians in an attempt to show there's a lot of libertarians out there. The secret is in the "questions." Notice how many are actually two questions, which only serves to confusing things. Also notice how the questions are asked. Why do they ask "There should be no National ID card." instead of "There should be a national ID card."
Its because they know people naturally want to be AGREEABLE. If you mark agree on every question, it is no surprise the quiz says you are libertarian.
This quis is a libertarian recruiting tool. Don't be fooled. In fact I have an old version I ran into in school (about 1992) that was over 100 questions, but did much the same thing.
You'll also notice the questions are all idealistic, but not realistic. They never say HOW they'll impliment these ideas. HOW will you replace welfare with private charity?
Heck, the quiz if hosted on a Libertarian web site!

FacingTheSharks said...

Jason, that would mean no matter what party you are with, you can expect complex questions on the polls in order to confuse the voters.

And I thought that was just characterists of the Democrats and Republicans (which you can no longer tell them apart).

JasonJ1052 said...

I guess my point is this: How come if you "Agree" with every question it makes you a solid Libertarian?
It shows clear bias in the questions, and thus the "quiz."

ted said...

At least they can't count the hanging chads to get what they want.