Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And just to sum up my opinion on this: "Huh?"

We field more than a few complaints here at The Telegraph. But the one I hear most often comes from politicians who don't like the pictures we print of them.

Forget for a moment that I generally have nothing to do with those pictures, or that the camera does not lie. But I have spent a significant amount of time the past few years negotiating between local politicians, our photographers and our layout folks over which mugshot of a politician is going to go in the paper.

Today, though, took the cake. Veronica Brinson is running for mayor, or will be if the board of elections certifies enough of the signatures she collected to get her on the ballot as an independent. I took a mug shot of her. She wanted to submit her own picture instead, though, and did so. Five times. Seven if you count the fact that she emailed one picture three times.

This is the one she ended up wanting us to run:

And this is the one I took, which she didn't want to run:

Asked a colleague of mine: "Does she know she looks stoned (in her picture)?"

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FacingTheSharks said...

I like the one you took better. It looks more professional, and she looks more alert.