Friday, July 13, 2007

Read Sunday's paper

UPDATE: Apparently I shouldn't have called this exit polling. I really just meant we asked people who they voted for at, you know, the exit of the polling place. But it's got a specific meaning. So call it an informal survey, as I changed the post to do.
Lots of Macon elections coverage, including about 8 hours of informal surveying we did during this week's advance voting.

By the way, I just wrote this paragraph for the story, which is not surprising but is a little sad:
The Telegraph sent two different reporters to conduct the survey, a black male staffer on Thursday and a white male staffer on Friday. That was done to counter-act a phenomenon that quickly became apparent: White people were less likely to tell the black reporter who they voted for, and black people were less likely to tell the white reporter who they voted for. The trend was most prevelant among women.


VictoratGaImproper said...
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wesley said...

when it comes to discussing politics, i ONLY tell women of other races what shoes i wear.

sorry if that means i'm not open-minded, but that's just what i'm comfortable with.