Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mayor Jack Ellis

The mayor was at the paper today for a routine sit-down with The Telegraph's editorial board. I'm sad to say it might be his last one as mayor. Say what you will about Jack Ellis' tenure, but he is always charming and always interesting.

Anyway, Matt Barnwell, who is another reporter here, will have some coverage in tomorrow's paper. But a few of the things that struck me:

1. They're unaudited figures, but Ellis said the city should have about $6 million in its reserve fund when it's all said and done later this year. He hopes to have that up in the $9 million area next year. If he, along with the controls put in by the City Council, which are intrinsic to the process, can rebuild the reserves to close to $10 million after nearly hitting rock bottom, I wonder if people will reassess the Ellis' administration's fiscal responsibility? Probably not.

2. He mentioned that, compared to last year, the tax digest for cars is way down. In fact the value of cars tagged in the city this year dropped about $21 million. That probably means people are driving their cars longer without getting a new one — either that or there was a miscalculation or a bunch of people with nice cars moved. Luckily real estate prices shot up more than enough to offset this change, or the city would have taken a hit on tax collections. It'd be interesting to see whether people are holding onto their cars longer, and whether that has a positive or negative environmental impact.

3. The mayor still wants to float some bonds before he leaves office to pay for recreation facilities. The council has been unwilling to even discuss this formally. But Ellis said that, with last week's election out of the way, he thinks he can get the support he needs. We'll see. They shot him down most recently on Monday July 16 - the day before the election.

4. The mayor said he'll spend his birthday, Jan. 6, in east Africa. At that point he'll have been out of office a few weeks, because the new administration takes over in December. Then Ellis heads to Vietnam for the 40 year anniversary of the Tet Offensive. As you may know, Ellis fought in the Vietnam War. He said he's invited Jane Fonda to join him on the trip. I am not making that up.


eagleye said...

Amazing. The Ellis nightmare cannot end soon enough. Just when you think you have heard it all he opens his mouth again. My fear is that the whole story of what he has done to the city will not come to light until he is out of office and conveniently out of the country.
His comments about Chavez are at best ignorant. Chavez is about as close to Castro as anyone can be. Does the mayor admire Castro as well?
I hope he and Hanoi Jane Fonda do go to Vietnam. I also hope that both of their passports are cancelled and they can spend the rest of their days there. The less we hear from Ellis the better. He has been the greatest joke ever played on the city of Macon.
I do not live in Macon. I live in Bibb county.

Manny Blanco said...

Email I sent to Jack (The Joke) Elis:

Manuel (Manny) Blanco
Concerned American

Dear Mr. Ellis,
You should be ashamed of yourself for this alliance with Hugo Chavez. It makes you as Anti-American as Chavez himself. Chavez is a supporter of both Iran and Cuba both of whom would enoy nothing more then see the destruction of our great Nation. Sir, you have disgraced all the good people of Georgia and all Americans. You have especially insulted those men and women who with honor serve our country. You, Danny Glover and Sean Penn are no more then traitors. Much talk about how wonderful Chavez and his ilk are but too cowardly to go there and live. The door swings both ways Sir. Love it or leave it. We had planned to visit Georgia but will not do so while you are in office. The good people of Macon Georgia and the entire State of Georgia should join together and insist on your resignation.
Sincerely & Respecfully,
Manny Blanco