Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Marshall, the 8th District and more baseball

To start with, a request: I want somebody with the Republican Party to explain to me why U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Ga., keeps getting targeted. He's smart and he votes a centrist line, maybe even leaning a bit to the conservative side.

Is it just the D beside his name? Is there some core issue that Republicans don't like his position on? I honestly do not get it.

Email me at tfain@macon.com if you don't want to comment here. I may be covering next year's 8th District race and could use the insight.

Marshall was in Macon today, meeting with some folks from the local chamber of commerce and accepting an award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for voting along with their positions. That's something he'll probably point to when the obligatory "He's a Democrat so he must be liberal" campaigning gears up.

Anyway, he spoke frankly on a number of issues (as he typically does) and I'm typing some stuff up for political notebook, which runs Saturday. But I thought I'd throw some more information up here about the congressional baseball game mentioned below.

Marshall said he and his fellow Democrats went down 5-2 in the game, with at least four Republican runs being unearned. He said there were maybe 7,000 people watching the game at RFK stadium, which "for a kid who grew up playing baseball like me" was pretty cool.

The collision picture in the post below was taken in the 7th and final inning. U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner and Marshall were chugging toward a blooper that just made it into the outfield. Weiner dove for the ball and kind of took Marshall's legs out from under him, but it sure looks like Weiner got the worst of things.

They brought the stretcher out, but Marshall said he decided to finish the game. Of course he finished it thinking "I hope nobody hits a ball out here."

"I went back to my office and I took a bunch of ibuprofen," Marshall said.

Marshall, as you may know, sleeps on an air mattress in his congressional office when in D.C. He was worried, he said, about being able to get up the next morning.

The picture ended up in Roll Call, a D.C. publication, with the caption "That's gotta hurt," Marshall said. One last thing: The uniform he's wearing came courtesy of Georgia Military College, which is in Milledgeville.

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Stephen Taylor said...

The Republicans want his seat--not because they really disagree with him but because they want to regain control of the committee structure in the House. That would allow them to dictate the legislative agenda for the next congressional term. Too often it's the moderates in both parties who get squeezed out by this process, in which control trumps the public good.