Friday, July 13, 2007

July state revenue figures

From the gov's office:
ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that net revenue collections for the month of June 2007 (FY07) totaled $1,681,040,000 compared to $ 1,570,584,000 for June 2006 (FY06), an increase of $ 110,456,000 or 7.0 percent.

It's not up yet, but shortly you should be able to get the full breakdown here.

And just as a reminder: May.

UPDATE: House Speaker Pro Tempore Mark Burkhalter and Majority Leader Jerry Keen put out a joint statement on the numbers, which harkens back to the "I want my tax cut passed, no I want MY tax cut passed" fight from this year's legislative session.

“Clearly the state is over-collecting from the taxpayers. It is critical that we find ways to reduce the tax burden by reforming and reducing income and property taxes,” said Burkhalter.

“These revenue numbers illustrate why the House wants to return money to the taxpayers through property tax and income tax reduction and reform,” said Keen. “We hope the Governor and Lieutenant Governor will join us in this endeavor.”

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