Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A beatdown any way you slice it

Just some preliminary analysis based on the figures...

Reichert tallied 9,847 votes. If you add up every vote that every other mayoral candidate got (Democrats and Republicans) he still won by nearly 3,600 votes.

He held a 3.7 to 1 margin over his nearest competitor. He won the advance vote with a 5.8 to 1 margin, which was pretty close to what our survey showed last week.

It was total victory.

Thelma Dillard, who polled last in the Democratic primary, had some good comments about the race this morning:

"What I'm thinking is the people wanted a change," she said. "The community is divided and I think the people felt that Mr. Reichert... could bring the community together. ... It's apparent that blacks voted for him in large numbers and I think the message was sent that the people wanted the community to come together."

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