Thursday, July 5, 2007

And as proof, I offer this post

So I read on peach pundit, which was quoting cracker squire, who got his information from insider advantage, that Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson said something recently about blogs not being terribly accurate.

And, yeah, irony intended.

I vaguely remember the first time a blog beat me to a local story. It was based on an unattributed source - the kind of thing whispered in your ear twice a day as a reporter. You check 'em out. Sometimes they're true, mostly they're not. In this case, it was true.

I remember thinking: "I can't believe I'm competing with these guys."

Personally, I'm enjoying blogging. But it's just like any other published medium: Read it, and consider the source. I look at blogs daily for potential news, and the ones I read have a pretty good track record. But you have to decide for yourself.

Me, I had a correction on the front page of Wednesday's newspaper, under capitalized red letters that said "CORRECTION." It's kind of like announcing to Middle Georgia that Travis Fain did something stupid, but he's not going to lie to you.

If you ever see anything on here, or in my reporting, that you don't think is true, you can reach me at or 478.744.4213.

Thanks for reading.


griftdrift said...

"But it's just like any other published medium: Read it, and consider the source."

Excellent advice Travis

Sid Cottingham said...

You are doing just right Travis. Keep up the good work. We enjoy your blog.

Amy Morton said...

Travis, if you have Grift and Sid on your side, you've made some fine friends.